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Movie Commercial Shooting

“Professional French Catering for studios, TV and movie industry.”

Bringing variety and delicious food to your crew when producing a film, movie, commercial or shootings can be challenging. Every day is different and you would like to bring this variety to the employees’ meals. Catering of Paris can help you by offering a French twist on your stage and studios.
Meeting the requirements for any catering challenge!
We offer delivery services with dropped off food, or full service station that we would customize to answer to the challenging constraints of the television studios, and movie industry. Do you need fast and expedited service so that the staff would return on set quickly, we have tricks to be able to expedite service even with our Food Stations where our food is made to order.
Healthy and delicious meals for all diets
We pride ourselves in delivering top quality food by picking the freshest ingredients and using authentic French culinary technics to bring to your production crew the best of French Cuisine.
We understand that you need to address all dietary restrictions from vegetarians to vegan, gluten free, kosher and all special needs. We will do our best to offer delicious healthy alternatives for all your staff on television sets, or photo shoot.

Catering For Any Situation
Our catering services covers for all the situations your production would call for.
From breakfast to lunch, snack and dinner, you would need craft services for any time of the day, and we have solutions for any of those stressful moments.
Whether the situation on your movie set calls for a quick and fulfilling breakfast, or casual hors d’oeuvres with servers on shooting stage, our team is dedicated to bring the food and service that fits your needs.

Custom Menus For Any Time Of Day
Not sure where you will be shooting, and what time will the break will happen? Do you need extended and after hours food?
We will work with you to coordinate and incorporate your challenges within our French catering services.
Feel free to browse our sample catering menus, and meals or contact us, our French catering specialist would give you all the attention you need in designing the best menu while considering your challenges for your TV studio or movie crew.